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Best carpets in Putney, SW15

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Are you looking for a suitable carpet that will compliment your room? Moreover, are you confused about the choice of carpet? Do you want a solution full of warmth for your house or workplace? Well, do not worry because Artifloor has got you covered! Hence, the best carpets in Putney are just a drive away!

Why do you need carpets?

Appearance and style:

If you are bored of seeing the same house colors and layouts, spice up the things a bit. Get a beautiful carpet installed! Carpets come in a range of colors, patterns, material and pile heights that can easily fulfill your style statement.


Do you love to walk bare-footed all across your home? You must have tried it with tiles or concrete, but we know that it makes the body sore and achy. So, why don’t you choose a carpet as your flooring? In addition to walking, you may also sit or lay on it with comfort and ease.


Your kids might have freaked you out when playing on the floor. Tiles or concrete can be slippery and hard. Hence, they can be quite dangerous in case of slips and falls. Therefore, get the safest, softest and least slippery option – carpets.

Cost effectiveness:

Installing, cleaning and maintaining hard surface flooring can get very expensive. On the contrary, carpets usually cost much lesser than hard flooring. So, why not save your money and invest in a high quality carpet?


Studies have shown that carpets can be really beneficial for people with breathing problems. However, some still do not agree with this perspective. Carpets are believed to trap dust particles and allergens until they are removed properly.

At Artifloor, the highly trained and professional staff assists you through the whole process. We undertake everything – from giving you the best suggestion to complete hassle-free installation of carpet at your place!

Give us a call at 02085439083 if you are interested in our products or services or drop by our showroom to have a look at the beautiful collection of carpets & flooring on the display. You deserve the very best hence, we guarantee you the very best!