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Amtico luxury vinyl tiles are one of the most popular flooring tiles in the UK. Amtico brings to you high-quality and realistic vinyl floors that will simply blow you away. Amtico  has always been one of the most well-known choices for flooring, providing a durable, cost-effective, attractive, and charming finish for both business and home installations. 

Arti Floor are proud to be a premium ‘Amtico One’ retailers. With trained shop staff to give you the complete Amtico service. With hundreds of designs to choose from and endless laying patterns, Amtico has something for everyone. Wood, stone, marble and abstract designs, Amtico are the forerunners of design in luxury vinyl tiles. Exceptionally hard wearing, their ranges come with guarantees of over 20 years.


Our procedures have been tested and tried over a lot of years. During this time, we have developed a new workflow that is undoubtedly effective as well as efficient. When cleaning the Amtico floor of any place, we have discovered that in most circumstances, the work can be finished on the same day on which it is begun.

At the start, we mop or dry sweep to eliminate dirt and dust that may hinder the remaining cleaning procedure. Once all the detritus on the surface has been removed, we can start the cleaning of the Amtico deeply. The stripper is ruffled and projected into the Amtico kitchen flooring, Amtico bathroom flooring, or any other flooring, then eliminated with the help of a couple of washes.

After the Amtico floor has been completely stripped, we utilize an excellent quality solution for addressing the floor. This part of the method generally takes around about an hour to finish depending upon the room size. A few coats are enough for preparing the floor for regular use. Then, we dress the Amtico floor completely, utilizing the tested and tried the technique of various coats applied at correct angles to make sure a durable finish.

Finally, the Amtico floor can conveniently be polished to a shinier or satin finish relying on your preference. If you’ve got a particular finish, then you would surely like to discuss it with our expert capable technicians.

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Amtico is one of the strong, toughest, and hard surfaces out there, so it will need some extra maintenance, in order to make sure that it remains to look gorgeous and great. If you have Amtico flooring tiles and are in need of refurbishment, just reach out instantly for a chat with our helpful and friendly staff. If you are not sure that what kind of material is used on your floor, then without any hesitation, just get in touch with us and our experienced team will be happy to help you. For any enquiries please contact us by telephone  02085439083 or by email info@artifloor.co.uk – we will be happy to help.